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Zoellis Benson and Madison Montgomery, both warlocks to the New Orleans Coven. We attend Robichaux's Academy.
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~ I killed him ~



  Mattie let out a small chuckle. “I ordered more.” He mumbled as he rubbed her back. “I would have pulled it out of the trash when I saw it in there, but someone dumped it down the sink. You know I would have even known it was in the trash if you had just tossed it.” He told her. 

         "The sink smelt like it, I figured it was you, you always hated the stuff." He laughed. 

        He let out a deep sigh. “Look Mads.” He said softly. “I think we should leave New Orleans.” The warlock mumbled. “It’s not good for us here, we don’t belong in this hell whole. LA is were we belong Madison. We both know that.” 


         ”Ew.” Madison mumbles back but doesn’t move her head. “Why would you want more of that shit?” She swears he only wears it to piss her off. She didn’t even know why she didn’t like it so much, something about it was just gross to her.

         ”I had to make sure. If it’s down the drain you sure as hell weren’t getting it back.” The blonde shrugs, finally lifting her head up to look to him. Mattie looked like he didn’t sleep at all last night and honestly she didn’t like that. She would say something about it too but his next words make her eyes grow wider.

         Without answering her head lays back down and she’ll look out to the wall for a bit before suddenly letting out a small laugh. “Really?” Again she looks up to him. “Pretty sure that’s what I told you the first day you got here.”


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Don’t look down, don’t look down. The chant went on and on in her head. But, again her stupid curiosity kicked in and her eyes cast down. Jesus, his body was hot. No! Zoe quickly looked back up, her face beet red.

"Is there um, is there anything else you need I think I need to step out this is like…an invasion of your privacy." 

        Madi smirked when he saw her eyes drift down. “It’s ok.” He told her. “Take it all in.” He told her with a small chuckle. “Actually yes.” He answered. “I need some lunch, my first scene playing basket ball and I can’t eat before I do that so, I’m gonna need food right after it’s done. He took a eighty dollars and handed it to her. 

        “There’s a sushi bar just off the lot, tell them you’re picking up for me, they know my order.” He smiled. 

bitchcraftzadison asked: ""A little evil goes and long way." ~Mattie"




          Are you saying I should be less evil? Do people ever censer themselves when they talk shit about us? No. I’m not going to be nicer just so that they can keep talking shit behind my back.

                   Actually the starlet did control herself a lot when she was in the public eye. If not there would be very many dead paparazzis at the hand of her magic. 

    I like being a bitch anyway. It’s a lot more fun then that good girl act I had before.

         Madison will laugh and smirk up to her brother. “Well who doesn’t want all over this?” She’ll take his coffee again and drink some before shaking her head. “And for your information, I don’t sweat. I glisten.” 

         She barely gives a second glace to the guy thrown down the alley way by an invisible force. She’s seen worse, hell she’s done worse. Her eyes now turn to the flaming trashcans and she’ll laugh. “Shit, calm down, Mattie. It’s not like rumors about us are anything knew. Just ignore them.” Madison shrugs, though it was entertaining to see him get upset like this. 


        Mattie looked at his sister and let out a sarcastic laugh. “Kyle.” He smirked knowing it would piss her off. “Sorry that was very rude.” He laughed. 

         He looked down. “No I won’t calm down I’m fucking sick of this shit.” The warlock spoke. “Haven’t you ever wanted a normal life, one where we aren’t famous?” 



         ”Come on.” The blonde nods and she’ll lead Zoe into the bathroom. Once the door closes behind them she turns to Zoe and uses her power to lift the girl to sit on the counter. A small smile forms when it works, she had never actually used her telekinesis for something so gentle. It was cool to say the least. Madison walks over to the tub and turns on the water, waiting for it to warm up. “Do you want something to calm down? It’ll help you sleep too.” She turns her head back to Zoe, letting the tub will with warm water and some of her expensive soaps she had told the witch never to use.


        Zoe looked at her and nodded. “Meds sound really amazing right about now.” She admitted. Zoe reached down and took her shoes off. They hit the floor with a small thud. She then processed to pull off her dress, and bra tossing them to the floor at her feet. 

         She looked at Madison. Letting me use your soap you must be feeling nice today.” She smiled. 



"But if I had knocked — you would’ve covered up!" she said, a confused expression on her face. "What’s the fun in that?" 

        “You didn’t knock so you could see my dick. Nice.” The warlock muttered. 



Cordelia blushed deeply as she looked at Madi then looked away. “All right dear.” She then walked down the stairs and got ready for class. 


        Madi pulled his jeans on and a sweat shirt not even bothering to put a shirt on underneath it. He head down stairs and sat down with the girls. They looked at him. He’ll sigh. “What?” He snapped cause the room to shake slightly. 

theblackviolet asked: "“care to join me?”"



9. One Night Stand

        Madi looked up at the witch entered his room. She had a bottle of whiskey in her hand. “You never drink.” He told her. “What’s gotten into you?” He asked Zoe. 

                           "You alright you look kinda pissed?" 

"That’s a real sad life to live," she commented. "Maybe there was someone but…you never saw them." She couldn’t admit the feelings that were always there for the heart throb. His words were enough proof for her just to keep her mouth shut. She did look at him,

"The second time was to kill that fucker who hurt you." She pointed out. "I think…that maybe the both of us need to feel good…if only for a little while."


        “Yeah I really don’t want to think about him.” He muttered. “It was my fault though. I took the girl he was dancing with and called him and stupid faggot.” He muttered. “I got what I deserved right? My karma for being a dick.” He’ll sigh. 

        “You offering?” He asked as he looked down at her.

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{Franny}: I almost had sex with him!!!!

{Franny}: I could have killed this guy! 


{Franny}: Idk I see a sign above me. 

{Franny}: It say Ninth War…what the fuck is Ninth War?

{Franny}: Fuck I’m in the Ninth Ward. Yep my witch ass is gonna die. Nice knowing you. 

[ widow ] bitch

[ widow ] if you do die

[ widow ] i will bring you back.

[ widow ] love you <3

[ widow ] i’m on my way. just don’t go near voodoo havens

        {Franny} I’m not gonna go anywhere, I’m just gonna stay right where I am

        {Franny}  I totally lied, I’m gonna go sit on this bench my feet are killing me. 

        {Franny} We’re stopping for food, I’m starving. 

        {Franny} I know you love me everybody does


She tried to take in a breath to calm down, but she could feel herself still shaking. Eyes narrowed at the male in front of her, she had the biggest urge just to punch him in the face. Perhaps that would help. “Fuck off.” She snapped hands curling into a fist.


        Madi smirked. “You are not doing a very good job at keeping calm.” He told her. When the girl snapped at him he’ll take a step forward. Objects around the room started to shake, almost like there was an earth quake.  

                “Watch it Blondie.” He told her. “I can be destructive too.” 

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